Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Digital Desk, New Delhi Examination of minor subjects of CBSE 12th board has started from 16th November. The standard 12 Entrepreneurship and Beauty and Wellness subjects were examined on Tuesday. The exam started at 11.30 am and ended at 1:30 pm. At the same time, the examination of minor subjects for standard 10 will start from Wednesday, November 17.

The CBSE board exams are being conducted in offline mode only. ORM sheets are being used in these exams. According to CBSE, this time students of board exams have been given 20 minutes reading time. Multiple Choice Objective Questions (MCQs) are asked in the first phase of the board exams. While issuing notices to all schools and examination centers, the CBSE has made it clear that strict adherence to the Corona Protocol is mandatory in every examination center. All students, teachers and other staff were instructed to wear face masks during the examination held on Tuesday and also in other examinations. Students were asked to arrive at the examination centers one hour before the examination.

In the exam held on Tuesday, four options were given for each question. The students had to choose the correct option from this and circle against the given option. If the student does not want to answer a question, it will be necessary to score a circle. The option of not answering is also being offered. Rakhi Agarwal, a 12th standard student, said that it is more convenient for students to take CBSE exams in two stages than before. In addition to conducting the examination in two phases, the CBSE Board has also divided the whole year syllabus into two parts of 50-50 percentile. Now the examinations for the first part of the course are being taken. On the other hand, examinations for the remaining 50% of the course will be held in March-April next year.

Ankit Shukla, another 12th standard student, says that it is better for students to take exams in two parts and divide the first stage exams into smaller and larger subjects. Doing so gives students more time for their preparation. Harshita Arora, principal of a private school in West Delhi, said that at present, examinations for only minor subjects have started. Examinations in major subjects like Mathematics, English Science, Social Science, Hindi, Commerce, Science etc. will be conducted from 1st December. Minor subjects include subjects like vocational, side subjects and physical activity etc. Special arrangements have also been made to prevent the student from getting infected with corona during the examination. According to CBSE, Corona protocol will be strictly followed in all examination centers. A maximum of 350 students can take the exam in one center. A distance of six feet will be maintained between the students. Every student and teacher present at the examination center must wear a mask.

According to the date sheet released by CBSE for the first phase of board examinations of standard 10 and 12, minor examinations are starting from November 16 and 17. Twelfth standard board examination of major subjects will start from 1st December and will end on 22nd December. The first exam for 12th standard students is Sociology and the last exam is Home Science. These exams will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The first phase of board examinations for the main subjects of standard 10 will start from November 30 and these examinations will end on December 11. For Standard X, the first exam will be in Social Science and the last exam will be in English.


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