Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Jabalpur News: An Army Rifle man and his wife have committed suicide in Jabalpur. The bodies of a rifleman and his wife, stationed at the Jabalpur unit of the Jammu and Kashmir (Jack) Rifles, were found hanging in government quarters this morning. The incident was reported to Kent Police Station by the military. According to Kent Police Station in-charge Vijay Tiwari, 28-year-old Rifleman Pankaj Singh and his wife Sunita Singh, 24, were hanged at Sadar J&K Center on Saturday night. Pankaj committed suicide by hanging in the veranda of his quarters and his wife Sunita with a ceiling fan. Rifleman Pankaj, a resident of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh, and Sunita were married last year. About 6 months ago, Pankaj brought his wife to Jabalpur.

A preliminary police investigation has revealed that the relationship between the two was not going well. It is said that the couple committed suicide only after a rift in the relationship. After receiving the information, the police and forensic team reached the spot and started investigation. However, police have not found any suicide note so far. Police say the two fell asleep after eating around 10pm on Saturday night. The time of the suicide is said to be around 1 pm in the preliminary investigation.

Troopers spotted the rifleman swinging with his wife, Kent police said. He immediately reported the matter to his superiors. The matter was reported to the police on behalf of the army. After which the police team reached the spot, paved the way and sent the bodies for postmortem. Police said that during the preliminary interrogation, it was learned that there was an altercation between the two last night, after which the two met death. Police are investigating.

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