Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp is constantly working to make it easier to use WhatsApp not only for smartphones but also for computers and laptops. WhatsApp has added a number of features to the web version for this, the company has now launched WhatsApp’s desktop app one step further in this link. It can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows App Store. This will work as an option for WhatsApp web. Although still in beta.

No longer have to depend on the browser-
As the company has now launched WhatsApp for laptops and computers. People no longer have to rely on Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge to run WhatsApp Web on their computers. WhatsApp’s computer app requires the system to have an x64 architecture based CPU and a version of Windows 10 14316.0 or higher.

Here’s how to download-
First go to the Microsoft Window Store, for Microsoft Windows Store you type Microsoft Store on the search option.
When the Windows Store opens, type WhatsApp Desktop here.
When the WhatsApp desktop app pops up, click the Get button. After this it will start downloading.
Once downloaded, the app will appear in the Windows Store. Now you login by clicking on that app and entering the basic information, the login process is the same as the phone.
Keep in mind that this is just the beginning, and this can lead to many problems with the app.

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