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Career Tips: You have to leave your mark on the other person during the interview. No matter what the interview process is, the only thing you have to do is move forward believing that you only have that much time to get the job. Make a list of some of the questions you have to ask the interviewer in advance. Yes. In order to impress the people present in the interview panel, you also have to ask them some questions.

Asking questions to the interviewer will make them realize that you have come to the interview with full readiness. Along with this you also get important information about the company and its affiliates. Here are some questions (Interview Tips) that you can use to influence the interviewer.

What will be the challenges in this work?

This is information that the company will never give you in writing and neither the management of the company nor the manager will discuss this with you. You have to ask this very cleverly and you have to understand the meaning of the interviewer’s point that somewhere his point is not pointing towards team politics? You have to understand this yourself.

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What do you like most here

This question of yours can annoy the interviewer! But it will also necessarily impress. If he takes the time and shares his work experience, then understand that he likes to work in this company. But if he completes his answer in just 2 to 3 minutes, then understand that trouble may arise for you in future also.

What kind of work is done in the team every day?

This is a common question. This question is how interested are you in your questions to the interviewer? You can also ask to know. What kind of work do you have to do in a new place and how is your team? You will also get acquainted with it.

What is expected of me in the first 6 months of the job?

This will let you know how much work you have to do in the early days. What can you learn here and is there anyone who can help you? You will also get acquainted with it. If their answer is not to your liking, you can express your opinion.

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Who was on this post before me?

You can ask this question in the final stages of the interview. Try to find out why the person who was in that post before you quit the job and how long he worked here? This can be a problem for you too if the person has worked for a short time.

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