Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

You may have seen a smartphone made of gold, a smartphone studded with diamonds, but have you ever seen or heard of a phone made of car body. Probably not, but a Russian company, Caviar, did it. Caviar is world famous for its premium products and now the company has made a car by melting a car, it is not even such a car, but the body of the phone is made by melting the world’s most popular electric car Tesla Model 3. . Isn’t this amazing news, let’s know everything in detail

Indeed, Caviar has released some interesting new products. The company has now appointed CEOs of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk A new high-end custom Apple iPhone 13 Pro series has been launched, along with a statue of K. The two custom items are quite different from each other, but one thing they have in common is that their bodies are made from molten Tesla cars.

First of all, speaking of custom iPhones, the Russian luxury goods maker has announced the new iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max Electro. The model is the latest customized iPhone 13 handset, paired with Rolex-inspired, gold-plated and dinosaur teeth in the company’s portfolio of iPhone 13 Pro models. However, the biggest feature of this variant is that its frame is made of titanium with black PVD coating.

The company is building 99 Tesla Electro models
In addition, the body also gets white shock resistant composite material and aluminum panel. The material is made from the body of the Tesla car and has Elon Musk, Tesla logo and car engraved on it. The company is building only 99 Tesla Electro models, with the base model starting at US $ 6,760 (approximately Rs 5 lakh). Along with this product, Caviar has also launched the Elon Musk Bust, which has a black marble base with double gold plated plugs, which has the serial number of the bust, as only 27 units will be made. Let us know that the starting price of iPhone 13 Pro in India is around Rs 1.20 lakh and the starting price of iPhone 13 Pro Max is around Rs 1.20 lakh.

The small statue of Elon Musk is priced at Rs 2.40 lakh

The bust is also made from the metal parts of the Tesla Model 3 that were removed from the hood, doors and other parts. Anyone wishing to purchase this small statue of Elon Musk will have to spend US $ 3,220 (Rs. 2.40 lakhs). You can also watch the video below for more details.

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