Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Digital Desk, New Delhi More than 20 lakh students of 10th and 12th CBSE boards are to appear for the board exams. The first phase of the board exams is starting from November 16 and 17 this month. 12th board exam 16th and 10th board exam will start from 17th November. The board has also changed the pattern of examinations this time. The board has changed its policies and under this the board examinations are now being conducted twice for the assessment of students across the country. The second phase of the board examination will be held in March-April next year. The board has also changed the pattern of examinations.

According to CBSE, this time students of board exams will be given 20 minutes reading time. Earlier this time was 15 minutes. The first stage board exams will have multiple choice objective questions (MCQs). Their duration is 90 minutes. There will be four options for answering each question in the exam. Students can choose their correct option from this and form a circle against the given option. However, if the student does not want to answer a question, he / she will still have to draw a circle. For this, one more option will be given to leave the question blank, which will be filled by the students.

According to eminent pedagogue PS Kandapal, this arrangement has been made in many other examinations as well. In fact, all the answer sheets will be scanned so that no answer can be left blank. Students will also have to fill in the blank option in the circle. According to Dipti Sharma, a 10th standard student, it is a good thing that the examinations are being conducted in two phases. The curriculum has also been reduced due to 50-50 per cent distribution. At the same time, there is curiosity about the new method of examination. According to Umang Agarwal, a 12th standard student living in Delhi, this method of board examination is quite new for all students, so there are many dilemmas in mind. But don’t be afraid of these exams.

According to another student Sanchita Dixit, the students have been explained the pattern of the exam. The way of answering has also been mentioned, then now only new types of exams are waiting to come. According to the CBSE board, the internal assessment of 20 marks of standard 10 is also divided into 10 marks each. While for standard 12 it is divided into two parts of 15 marks each. The Board has worked on additional internal assessment and practical based curriculum. The policy has been changed after the board exams were not held due to Corona for the last two years. This time the students have also been given the opportunity to take the board exam in the city of their choice. In fact, thousands of students have been displaced by the corona. Many of these students still live in their original place while their school is in a different place. In such a case these students will be able to take the exam in the school nearest to them.

Special arrangements have also been made to prevent the student from getting infected with corona during the examination. According to CBSE, Corona protocol will be strictly followed in all examination centers. A maximum of 350 students can take the exam in one center. A distance of six feet will be maintained between the students. Every student and teacher present at the examination center must wear a mask. According to the date sheet announced by CBSE for the first phase of Std. 10 and 12 board examinations, the minor examinations are starting from November 16 and 17. Twelfth standard board examination of major subjects will start from 1st December and will end on 22nd December. The first exam for 12th standard students is Sociology and the last exam is Home Science. These exams will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The first phase of board examinations for the main subjects of standard 10 will start from November 30 and these examinations will end on December 11. For Standard X, the first exam will be in Social Science and the last exam will be in English.

Examinations for minor subjects of 12th standard are starting from 16th November. While CBSE 10th Term-1 Minor subjects examination will start from 17th November. On the other hand, papers on 10th major subjects are going to start from 30th November and will continue till 11th December. Examination for the main subjects of 12th standard will start from 01st December and will continue till 22nd December 2021. There is an English exam for standard 12 students on 3rd December. 7 December on Mathematics, 7 on Physical Education, 7 on Business Studies, 8 on Geography, 9 on Physics, 10 on Physics, 11 on Psychology, 13 on Accountancy, 14 on Chemistry, 15 on Economics and 16 on Hindi. Biology exams will be held on December 18, History on December 20, Computer Science on December 21 and Home Science on December 22. The examination schedule of the main subjects of standard 10 has also been released. According to the schedule announced by CBSE, the social science exam will be held on November 30 from 11:30 am to 1 pm. Science will be taken on 2nd December, Home Science on 3rd December, Mathematics on 4th December, Computer Application on 8th December, Hindi on 9th December and English on 11th December.


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