Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

‘Riot’ Girl Fatima Sana Sheikh, Has finally come out of the Hindi remake of the Tamil hit ‘Aruvi’. The film’s director E Niwas tried his best to persuade her, but Fatima told him and the film’s producers – Applause Entertainment and Faith Films – that he would be collaborating with them on another project at a later date.

ETimes The discussion brought to you that Fatima has a problem adjusting with the dates of this project. The film was supposed to hit the screens in August 2021 but has been delayed. Fatima had allotted dates for the month of August, and apparently, she wasted it. The buzz is that the shoot was finally scheduled for November 20 (tomorrow) and that is the point when Fatima expressed her inability to adjust.

Fatima had also started preparing for the role and it became part of a little reading with E Niwas. But now, E Niwas has to start from ground zero once again.

FYI, not long ago, both E Niwas and Fatima were very excited about this project.

“Aruvi is not just a story of a hero,” E Niwas said in a statement. It is a victory over the labyrinth of life. Exploring one of the most beautiful cinematic characters I encounter is absolutely enjoyable and privileged. Fatima Sana Sheikh is the right choice and I am very excited to collaborate with Applos Entertainment and Faith Films. ”

Fatima said, “I am very excited to do a remake of ‘Aruvi’ and really look forward to dig deeper into the character’s skin. I’m really glad that Applos Entertainment and Faith Films have come together to create this great content and I’m really excited to embark on this journey.

We texted E Niwas to talk about this, but he chose to be unavailable for comment. Our calls went unanswered.

For those who arrived late, Fatima was signed to re-enact that fiery role. Aditi Balan Originally done.

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