Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Digital Desk, New Delhi Students from government schools in Delhi have developed startups such as water-soluble plastics, low-cost computers and advertising solutions. The skills of these small entrepreneurs run by students of government schools are discussed in many countries of the world. These startups have been developed under the state government’s Business Blasters program. As well as these small business stars are getting funding, guidance and support from eminent entrepreneurs. The business stars, who study in government schools in Delhi, have come up with a unique way to save the environment and create water-soluble and compostable plastics.

The students did more than 100 experiments to develop this plastic. After receiving an investment of Rs 1.5 lakh from investors, they will now work to bring it to market. Four girls from a government school in Delhi are running a successful advertising business to grow the business of small vendors. This ad is created by startup students in their spare time using their parents’ phones and in a very short span of time they have 40 customers to whom they provide advertising service.

A group of 15-year-olds from the Delhi government’s School of Excellence is running a startup that builds low-cost, high-performance computers. By adapting to modern technology and older hardware, these students are creating affordable computers that are accessible to all. All of these kids shared their startup ideas, and Dr. Sujata, co-founder of Suta and CEO of Lepton Software. Invested against Rajiv Saraf, who is playing the role of judge in the third episode of Business Blasters on Sunday. Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia also attended the function in the role of a judge.

The first idea was introduced to investors by 15-year-old Ansh Verma and his colleagues Dhruv, Sabha, Devesh, Devanshi and Ashmita. The purpose of their startup is to provide students with low cost, high performance computers so that they do not stop learning. Investors were very impressed with his idea and invested Rs. Invested 75,000. In this business model, these business stars make computers by customizing modern technology and old hardware. This makes the computer ready at low cost. SOE Dwarka student Anshe said that today we are producing low cost and high efficiency computer using simple technical hacks and we have also managed to develop this startup using seed money received from the government.

“This program has taught us how to manage a team,” he said. All the members of the team are playing different roles for marketing, assembly management, finance and marketing in the startup for good results. The team was given Rs. An investment of Rs 75,000 was received. There was also an offer to evaluate the performance of all computers used by Lepton Software and Suta employees.


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