Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

WhatsApp Diwali Sticker: Instant messaging app WhatsApp has given a special sticker on the occasion of Diwali. WhatsApp has come up with a ‘Happy Diwali’ sticker for users in view of Diwali. With this you can send Diwali message to your friends and acquaintances. A special feature pack has been added, this sticker pack is for Android users as well as iOS users. You can download this from the default sticker tray. What is the whole process of downloading this, know ……..

The sticker is on the theme of Diwali only
WhatsApp has created this sticker feature on the theme of Diwali. So that people can enjoy this festival by sending their friends and family. All these types of stickers are associated with the festival of Soshni Diwali. If you don’t see the sticker tray in the WhatsApp app, update this.

Here’s how to download –

First go to WhatsApp and click on the contact to whom you want to send the sticker.

Now click on the emoji icon created in the chat bar.

You will see a Diwali sticker at the bottom of the emoji board.

If you use an iOS phone, you will see this sticker option in the right side of the text bar. While in Android this will be ahead in GIF option.

Now as soon as you click on the Plus icon you will see all the stickers associated with Diwali. From here you can download and forward this. If you do not see the sticker tray even after this process, you can download it by clicking on this link.
WhatsApp Diwali Sticker

When it is downloaded, go to the chat option, attach it and send it to the person you want to send it to.

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