Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Shriyam Bhagnani, our guest on #HowIMadeIt this week, is known for his character Tanya Mehta In Nagesh KukunurOf ‘City of Dreams’ And made films like ‘Rebel 2’ (2018) and ‘Turn on the light bulb meter’ (2018).

Mr. Barry trained at the John Acting Studio, earned a diploma, and then moved on to work in the film industry for production, editing, and assistant directors to gain a holistic understanding of craft and technical details. Watch the video below for the full conversation:

Despite belonging to a family that is well-connected in Bollywood – that is Vashu BhagnaniNiece-in-law Shriam has so far embarked on a modest self-made journey, marked by gradual progress over the last few years. And she’s proud of it, proud of the fact that she didn’t use her family connections to get roles. In fact, she says she even auditioned for some of Vashu’s films but could not pass.

She is constantly reading scripts and auditioning during lockdowns, which gives her plenty of time to watch and watch good movies and performances. Watch her entire conversation in the video above.

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