Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Digital Desk, New Delhi IIT Delhi students have been offered more than 400 placement jobs on the first day of the placement season. IIT Delhi has reported a 45 per cent increase in offers for campus placements this year as compared to last year. This time IIT Delhi has got the highest placement offer in last 5 years.

An exciting start to the placement season at IIT Delhi. The campus placement process for undergraduate and postgraduate students is from December to May. Leading companies in various fields have offered more than 750 job profiles to IIT Delhi students. About 350 national and international companies offering jobs at IIT Delhi have so far registered to hire students.

7 students have opted for the institution’s delayed placement facility. Delayed placement facility is available for students who want to set up a start-up after graduation. Students who opt for the delayed placement option can avail one time placement services within 2 years i.e. till 2023-24 after availing this option.

Speaking about the placement season, Dr. Anish Oberoi Madan, IIT Delhi said, “We would like to thank all the participating employers for showing confidence in our students. We are confident that with the innovative approach to recruitment and our scheduling model, companies will be able to make the right recruitment decisions. We hope that this positive recruitment trend will continue for the rest of the season.

Companies that have shown interest in the IIT Delhi placement include Boston Consulting Group, Goldman, Graviton, Intel, Microsoft, NK Securities and Texas Instruments. For the first time, some organizations have indicated that their salary in India may be higher than the salary paid by organizations recruiting for an international profile. According to IIT Delhi, the recruitment process is being conducted in virtual mode this year as well as last year. Students prepare their interviews in digital mode with new patterns of interaction to make maximum use of technology. Unlike other campuses the entire interview process is conducted in a single slot every day.


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