Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

New Delhi. Henley Passport Index: The Indian passport has risen 7 places in the Henley Passport Index to 83rd place. Singapore and Japan are joint first in this ranking. With the improvement in rankings, Indian passport holders will now be able to travel to 59 countries without a visa. Pakistan’s position in the rankings is even worse than that of Somalia and Yemen.

The Henley Passport Index has improved the Indian passport ranking. It has now moved up seven places to 83rd position. The Henley Passport Index ranks the world’s most powerful passport based on data released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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The strength of a country’s passport depends on how many countries one can travel to without a visa from that country’s passport. It is now possible to travel to 59 countries without a visa on an Indian passport. Singapore and Japan are jointly ranked first in the ranking of the most powerful passports in the world. A total of 192 countries in the world can be visited without a visa with the passports of these two countries.

Go here without a visa

Visa free travel in 59 countries means that you can go, travel, stay in those countries only with the help of Indian passport. But there is a time limit on how many days you will be allowed to stay. Countries that can go without visa include Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Fiji, Indonesia, Qatar, Palestine, Macau, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, El Salvador, Jamaica, Northern Cyprus, Senegal, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago. Apart from countries like Turks and Caicos Islands, many other countries are included.

Passport has been ranking since 2006

The Henley Passport Index ranks passports every year since 2006, showing which countries have the most free passports in the world. However, due to the Kovid epidemic over the last two years between the last 16 years, passport rankings have become more important. Restrictions imposed due to the Kovid epidemic have not been included in the passport rankings.

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Pakistan’s position passed through Yemen and Somalia

North Korea ranks 104th in the Hanley Passport Index, where passport holders can travel to only 39 countries without a visa. India’s neighbor Nepal is ranked 105th. Somalia ranks 106th and Yemen 107th. Pakistan’s position has also passed through Yemen and Somalia. The Pakistani passport number is 108 and only 31 countries can allow visa free travel with Pakistani passport.

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