Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

If you are looking forward to the launch of the phone to buy iPhone 14, this news can be very useful for you. In fact, there has been a big update regarding the processor of the upcoming iPhone, which indicates that the phone is going to get a faster chipset.
Apple Inc’s chip supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) has started testing its 3nm chipset, which is expected to be unveiled in next year’s Apple iPhone 14. Digitimes said in its report that the supplier may be on track to mass-produce the 3nm chipset.

Trial production of the chipset is underway
Citing industry sources, the report states that the 3nm chipset is under trial production, which has solved all the initial problems in starting production. However, there has been no confirmation from TSMC on the reports. However, the supplier announced in its quarterly earnings call last April that the tapout of 3nm chips could come in Q4 2021.

Given that suppliers typically take at least a year between low-yield Rix production and mass production or shipping of chips to smartphone manufacturers, 3nm chipsets are unlikely to be ready for assembly before Q2 2022.

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Much depends on the product
Some reports quickly speculated that the 3nm chipset would arrive on the flagship Apple product – iPhone, iPad or Mac – in 2023. Apple introduced the 5nm chipset in the iPhone 12, while the iPhone 13 uses the same process. If mass production is not completed, according to reports, Apple will have to move on to its next A16 chipset with 5nm that will power the iPhone 14.

Apple is TSMC’s largest client
TSMC is now a valued chip maker globally, especially for US-based chip giants such as Nvidia Corporation and Intel Corporation. It supplies almost all fableless semiconductor companies such as Apple, Qualcomm, Advanced Micro Devices and Broadcom Inc. Apple is TSMC’s largest client. According to Digitimes, Apple Foundry accounts for more than 20% of total wafer revenue, along with its chip orders for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

TSMC focuses on the production of power-efficient, compelling chips to power new age technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other 5Gs.

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iPhone 14 will be equipped with slider screen!
If we miss the trailer design unveiled by ConceptSiphone in late November, Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro devices are likely to have secondary slider screens and air charge technology. The design features a slider at the top, which allows the user to hold the device horizontally and use the lower screen as keyboard or in-game controls. In addition, the provision will provide better space to keep two active applications open at the same time. Air charge technology will help power the phone without cable and charging stand. However, all these features remain speculation until the tech giant announces it on its official handle.

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