Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Unique USB data cable: Most people use laptops for office and personal work. Along with work, we stay connected to the office and store our personal data in the laptop, but often there is a fear of it being leaked. If you have this fear in your mind then definitely read this news. We’re going to tell you about a device that can protect your data from theft.

This is the device

A custom USB cable from a company called BusKill can save you from such accidents. This cable can protect your data even if the laptop is stolen.

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This is how it works

You need to plug this cable into your laptop. Now if your laptop is stolen the thief will first remove this cable. I remove it from the laptop as soon as it starts working. After this cable is disconnected from the laptop, a security program is activated in it, which immediately encrypts the entire data / cryptographic. However, this cable only supports laptops running on Linux, Windows and macOS. This special cable costs around Rs 4,484.

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Considering the increasing cases of data leaks

The cable company says that the cable was created keeping in mind the frequent cases of data leaks. If this cable is installed on a laptop running Windows and macOS and someone removes it, the device will be locked immediately. At the same time, this cable makes the data cryptographic as soon as it is removed from the Linux device.

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