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LRD Recruitment 2021: GuGujarat Police Recruitment 2021 has directly filled the vacancies of LRD CRPF Constable Recruitment 2021 and CRPF Constable cadre vacancies. As per the announcement made today, a total of 10459 posts of this category will be filled in the state. In this recruitment, a total of 1,42,087 candidates have become eligible to pay the fee. The LRD physical test will begin on December 1-10 (LRD Physical test Dates). Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your race. Also, even if you are eating padiki, beware, rotten teeth will become a problem

Prior to the test, LRD recruitment chief IPS Hasmukh Patel has given two pieces of advice to the candidates. For one, he advised candidates to focus on hard work rather than tactics. Whether they are selected for the second recruitment or not, such people will establish their identity which will make them always successful in life.

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Hasmukh Patel further asked the students to prepare for the written exam from now on. However, the first set is even more physically capable than the written test.

Physical test

For the physical test, the male candidate has to run 5000 meters in 25 minutes. Running 1,000 meters every five minutes. That means running at least one kilometer in five minutes. When a woman candidate has to run 1600 meters in 9 minutes and 30 seconds, she has to run at least 0.38 kilometers per minute.

To take more marks in the race

The 5,000 meter race is for men. A race that is completed in 20 minutes or less will get 25 marks. When completed in 20 minutes or more, he will get 24 marks. Similarly. He will get 23 marks for more than 20.30 minutes and 21 minutes or more. The marks of this race will gradually decrease in the same way.

For women candidates

Women candidates will have to complete the 1600m race in a maximum of 9.30 minutes. Candidates who complete this race in 7 minutes or less will get 25 marks. Then every minute the marquee will go down.

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To take full marks

The male candidate will have to run 2500 meters per minute to get full marks in the race. That means you have to run five kilometers every minute. When women candidates have to run 228.6 meters per minute, the race can be completed in seven minutes. This can be done as little time as possible in practice.

Physical standards

For male: If male candidate is from Scheduled Tribe of Gujarat, his height is 162 cm. Inflated chest 79 cm. Inflated chest 84 cm. Weight 50 kg is required.

If the candidate is from a non-scheduled tribe of Gujarat then the height for them is 165 cm. Inflated chest should be 79 cm, inflated chest 84 cm and weight 50 kg.

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For women candidates

For women candidates belonging to Scheduled Tribes, height should be 150 cm, weight should be 40 kg and for candidates other than SC candidates, height should be 155 cm and weight should be 40 kg.

If any of these defects are present, they will be deemed ineligible

1 bend
2 swollen chest
3 slanted eye
4 flat feet
5 Persistently swollen vein
6 Swollen thumb
7 Fractured limb
8 Rotten teeth
9 Infectious skin diseases
10 Color blindness defects

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