Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Digital Desk, New Delhi The Ministry of Education is working on sign language for hearing impaired students across the country. As part of this initiative, the Indian Center for Sign Language Research and Training is developing NCERT textbooks in sign language. An ISL dictionary of 10,000 words has also been prepared for such students.

It may be noted that paragraph 4.22 of the National Education Policy 2020 recommends standardization of Indian Sign Language (ISL) across the country and development of national and state curriculum materials for use by hearing impaired students. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Center for Research and Training of Sign Language (ISLRTC) to develop NCERT textbook based videos in Indian sign language.

At the same time, ISRLRTC has launched a 10,000-word dictionary. According to the Union Ministry of Education, the dictionary is available for wide access and dissemination of ISL dictionary in video format on DIKSHA portal. NCERT is strengthening this dictionary by embedding audio and subtitles in videos.

This is being done so that access to a 10,000 word dictionary is not limited to hearing impaired students. In addition, new words and phrases based on the school curriculum are being added to the existing 10,000 word ISL dictionary in collaboration with NCERT (ISLRTC). According to Minister of State for Education Annapurna Devi, so far NCERT has developed more than 800 ISL videos for Std. 1 to 6. These have been uploaded on the DIKSHA portal for the use of hearing impaired (HI) students. The video is also regularly aired on PM eVidya (one class, one channel), DTH TV channels to ensure continuous access to this e-content.

At the same time, the Ministry of Education has also decided to develop an audio and talking book scheme under the new education policy. In fact, the role of technology in education is also mentioned in the National Education Policy 2020. Under this, so far 3211 audio book chapters of NCERT text books for standard 1 to 12 have been developed in the form of audio talking book and uploaded for free on the DIKSHA portal for wide dissemination. In addition, audio content is available on 230 audio stations (Gyanvani FM Station – 18, Community Ratio Station – 80, All India Radio Station – 132 and Internet Radio).


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