Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Digital Desk, Ranchi There is acute shortage of teachers in government universities and colleges in Jharkhand. 40 to 50 per cent of the teacher posts have been vacant for years. The University Grants Commission has expressed deep concern over this. The commission has written letters to the vice-chancellors of all the universities and principals of the colleges in this regard. Universities and colleges have been asked to fill up the teacher vacancies by December 31 and upload the updated list of teachers on the UGC portal. Earlier on November 5, the Governor of Universities in Jharkhand, Governor Ramesh Bais had also expressed concern over teacher vacancies. He also said that he wonders how it is possible to study in state universities and colleges with so few teachers.

In Jharkhand, for the last 13 years, there has been no regular appointment of teachers in universities and colleges. Only once in 2008, after the formation of the state, the Jharkhand Public Service Commission conducted an examination for the appointment of 745 lecturers to the posts. The exam was also embroiled in controversy and a CBI probe also found a case of irregularity in the exam. Since then, there has never been a regular reinstatement in universities, with teachers retiring year after year. The current situation is that 1250 posts of teachers are vacant and the process of appointment has not started. According to the data for the year 2012-13, an average of one teacher was available for every 48 students in the higher educational institutions of Jharkhand. In 2018-19, this ratio increased to 73. The updated figures for 2021 have not been reported, but it is estimated that Jharkhand now has one teacher for 85 to 90 students. One teacher is available for 29 students across India.

If we talk about Santhal Pargana Pargana division of Jharkhand, the number of students in 13 affiliated colleges is about 60 thousand, while the number of teachers is only 271. If we count only one teacher is available for about 220 students. According to Jharkhand’s 2018 data, there were 1,118 vacancies for assistant professors in universities. To date, this number has reached close to 1,200. According to the same data of 2018, 268 in Ranchi University, 155 in Vinoba Bhave University, 190 in Sido Kanhu University, 107 in Nilambar Pitamber University and 364 in Colhan University and Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University has 75 vacancies. Of these, 552 posts will be filled directly and 556 backlog appointments. Backlog recruitment is increasing every year, but the recruitment process by the Jharkhand Public Service Commission is not moving forward. Official sources said that the appointment process is being hampered due to changes in the reserves and rules. However, about three dozen teachers have been appointed in October and November on the basis of backlog.

Alam is that many colleges and universities in Jharkhand run courses in many subjects, but not a single teacher is available. For example, the psychology department of GLA College at Palamu continued without a teacher for a long time. The department has got one teacher after the backlog appointment. Similarly, Janata Shivratri College does not have a single teacher in the Department of Political Science and Hindi, while the only women’s college, YSNM College, has important departments like Mathematics and Physics without teachers.

It may be recalled that Governor cum Chancellor Ramesh Bais convened a meeting on November 1 to review the condition of state universities. He told the vice-chancellors of the universities that the university should send a requisition to the government in time to rectify the problem of vacancies. The governor also asked government officials and the chairman of the Jharkhand State Public Service Commission to take effective steps to fill the vacancies.


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