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Dulhan si saji dharti khulla wo asaman

Bulta hai hamein phir wo chahat ka jahan

Let’s go now … (‘Let’s go now’ 1999)

The irony of this composition is not lost on the music director Nadeem SaifiWho still yearns for his homeland after 25 years. Pain echoing with her heartbeat. Music giant, Gulshan KumarThe (T-Series) murder of Nadeem on August 12, 1997 turned life into a turtle. Nadeem, who was caught red-handed, stayed out of India between Dubai and London. While the Mumbai courts have cleared him of conspiracy to commit murder, the legendary musician is waiting to return home.

About 1990. Nadeem-Shravan created both melody and history Mahesh BhattChartbuster ‘Aashiqui’. Moving away with Limelight and Laurels during the film’s premiere, the duo redefined the music directors’ profile. Explosion of best sellers … ‘Dil hai ke manta nahin’, ‘Saajan’, ‘Road’, ‘Deewana’, ‘Phool Aur Kante’, ‘Paredesh’ મૂ Put them on cassette cover and billboard. Their Midas Magic Bankrold ventures, certified stardom for Rookies and Windfall for manufacturers. Nadeem, provocative and influential, even set a precedent in a music video… until destiny did it all.

His love for music, his spirit is invincible, Nadeem Saifi is ready to make a splash on the charts once again with his tunes. Heart-to-heart conversation from the Queen’s realm

The buzz is that you have a lot of big projects ready.

Yes, there are lots of offers for composing music and concerts for movies. I’m glad people are interested in working with me. But these 25 years of exile have taught me one thing, to keep my plans to myself. I am afraid of evil eye. The cheese will never be the same again (the opportunity will not present itself again). Also, the current situation is that music producers want to acquire intellectual property rights. It is a matter of concern because it indicates that we will lose intellectual property rights and may not receive our due royalties. For a composer / songwriter, music is his only bread and butter. You don’t want a musician to be reduced to a plumber to survive. you are?

I work responsibly. I take the time to say yes. There are many facts to check. Previously, signing a contract was easy. Today it has eight to 80 pages. A little delay in reading the contract from me should not be misunderstood as a tough game to get. Having dealt with a complex legal case in the past (referring to the Gulshan Kumar murder case), I would rather be sensible.

What made you come back to compose music?

I am impressed with the extraordinary singing talent in young girls and boys in India. They have encouraged me to work. Every day that passes is a day missed for me. Unfortunately, we lack musicians who can use such tremendous talent. Somewhere down below, I would like to coach young musicians and singers who, in my opinion, do not know how to use and present their talents.

Superstars like Rajesh Khanna were known for their popular songs. It was like this Shammi Kapoor. Come closer Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan… is also associated with his songs. The songs identify the star in the South Asian region. I hope to surpass my last success with my music. My sole purpose is to entertain my fans. I want to bring a smile to his face. I want them to fall in love because love is always better than hate.

According to reports, you were annoyed with singers who republished your songs on TV shows but refrained from giving credit …

Singers acknowledge my contributions, appreciate my talent, and speak out about me on small podiums and low-profile channels. But surprisingly, he avoids mentioning Nadeem-Shravan in popular shows like The Kapil Sharma Show or other shows on widely watched channels like Sony. Kumar Sanu is referred to as the Melody King. What tune has he composed for the sake of God? Today anyone can say anything and get away from it. I have an open mouth and am angry at it all.

What makes the Nadeem-Shravan brand stand out among others?

(Smile) It’s a trade secret. But I’ll put it briefly. It was a distinctive style in which headlines were written and tunes were composed. Even today, musicians don’t mind taking my mouth off and recreating songs. There are a bunch of such remixes. I humbly say that after Rajesh Khanna, Nadeem-Shravan got the same craze. The same thing happened with our cheese (our success zoomed in).

From BR Chopraji, Raj Kapoor family, J Om Prakashji, brothers Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt, Ratan Jain, Ramesh Taurani, Kumar Taurani, Sunil Darshan, Riku Rakeshnath… We all worked together. Giving music for ‘Aa Ab Laut Chalein’ was a challenge. Chintu (the late Rishi Kapoor) said, “You have to leave behind Raj Kapoor’s iconic song Aa Ab Laut Chalein (‘Jis Desh Mein Ganga Baheti Hai’ – 1960). By the grace of God we were able to do justice to him. Unfortunately, I had some differences with Subhash Ghaiji over the song I Love My India (‘Pardes’). Incidentally, I love my India means the soul of what India is. It is a matter of pride for me that it is played on Independence Day and Republic Day.

I think it was the first time music directors were featured on movie posters …

We featured on hoardings, cassettes and banners. That’s because we were the best-selling couple of all time. The producers also had stars in their eyes. They wanted to make history, not just money. We got what we asked for. If we asked for a car, it was delivered to our driveway within 10 days. When we asked for a foreign trip, the whole family’s first class travel ticket was left on our table. The love we have received from India, from Asians, from people living in the US and the UK is incredible. Recently, my friends on a trip to Africa sent me a video of a group of young people dancing to my song O Yara Dil Lagna (‘Agni Sakshi’ 1996). Indeed, music is a universal language and it transcends boundaries.

Can you share memories of a time that still makes you emotional?

Every day was like Eid or Diwali. Each day brought more joy and love. When my car stopped at a traffic signal, beggars (God bless them) looked at me and sang my songs. They would lovingly touch my car, as if they were patting me. That memory makes me laugh. That gesture, that blessing stays with me. Millions of fans still write to me. Initially they would ask me to make music. Today they have become aggressive in their demand that I return. He says he is completely attached to the melodic style of music and wants more out of it.

In the context of the Gulshan Kumar case, what do you have to say about the darkest phase of your life?

Initially, I took it lightly, believing that this misunderstanding would soon go away. No one expected things to take a bad turn. For Papaji (late Gulshan Kumar) I was like a younger brother. He loved me very much. The fact that I want to return to India proves my innocence. I have suffered this deportation for no reason. Someone who entertained Asians in India and around the world… this is the biggest injustice to me.

You think you were tricked …

Yes of course, it was a conspiracy to deceive me. Honorable Judge ML Tahiliani of the UK High Court, UK Supreme Court, House of Lords and Sessions Court has also confirmed that there is no evidence against me. “The conspiracy charges against all the accused should be dropped,” he said. It was my desire to create a name and a frame. I was tortured and targeted. The then police commissioner, who charged me, was arrested a day after his retirement and was recklessly pushed into a police van by constables. If it is not divine justice, what is?

It was painful to be away from what you loved the most – making music!

Of course! Mere saath bahut nainsafi hui hai (I have suffered at the hands of injustice). I have full faith in the judiciary which is considered fearless. But I am disappointed that somewhere they seem to be afraid to do justice. Music runs through my veins. I can even bring a tune at 2am and disturb my beloved wife Sultana by asking her to tap it. I am a self-confessed musical machine. I have a huge collection of tunes. Inshallah they will be heard soon.

Did the whole experience make you more spiritual?

Certainly. I believe this world is temporary and whatever your faith is, you should remember the future. The end is the same for all. The return is with the manufacturer. Revenge is certainty. Worship gives me peace. I say to God, ‘Give me success but not at the cost of forgetting you’. If I ever launch my own channel, there will be a tagline – first prayer, then music! Coincidentally, by the grace of God, Dilbar Dilbar (‘Sirf Tum’) has garnered around 1.8 Billion Views, Slowly Se Mere Zindagi Mein Ana (‘Aashiqui’) has won 700 Million Hits and Sun Meri Shahzadi (‘Dilwale’) has crossed 60 Million. Have missed On YouTube. I am polite.

What do you remember most about India?

My heart beats for India. I miss the warmth of her people, my friends and my relatives. Indeed, my closest relatives are my fans. India represents love. I believe that only Indians can give love. ‘Vanvas’ made me realize how important the motherland is. You can get everything around you. But Vatan Ki Mitti Ki Khushboo (the fragrance of your country’s clay) is not equal. The verses of ‘Aa ab laut chalein’ o yaaron maaf karna aay desh se aanewale bata, kaisa hai mera mehboob vatani panktiyo echo it.

What lesson did the epidemic leave for you?

Respect your family. Be kind to your neighbors. No one around you is hungry. The South Indian film industry truly believes in charity. So their artists are highly respected. What is the use of stacking millions? We need more people like Azim Premji who donate generously. How can a man enjoy drinking alcohol in a nightclub when his fellow men are deprived of food? Above all, we must forget and forgive. Only love can help us to live.

A word on the late Shravan who died during the epidemic

Shravan was a dear friend. I have great memories of our days of struggle. In times of conflict, we are at our best. I pray for their souls.

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