Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

An officer from Bureau of Narcotics Control (NCB) Has declared Samir Wankhede Aryan Khan is a big part of the case. The senior official spoke to ETimes on condition of anonymity and said, “The SIT formed in these six cases will only help Wankhede and the team to better investigate these cases.”

The official said there is a certain department that is excited about getting out of the rumors but Wankhede is not going anywhere and will continue to work on the case. The official added, “Samir Wankhede and his Mumbai zonal team will work with SIT in Aryan Khan and five other cases. Sameer Khan And Armaan Kohli Case. ”

Sanjay Singh, Deputy Director-General of Operations, NCB, said in a press note, “No officer has been removed from his current role and will continue to assist the operation branch as required until a specific order is issued against it.” The official added, “It is very clear that Samir Wankhede is in the same role and will help the SIT. Both the teams will be able to investigate these cases better together. ”

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