Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Digital Desk, New Delhi The Union Ministry of Education is paving the way for India-US partnership in the field of education. Through this, India and the United States will collaborate in the field of research. The two-way mobility of students and teachers between the two countries will be determined. In addition, educational institutions of both the countries will be partnering with each other. The partnership between India and the US aims to link industry-focused education and higher education, especially between the two countries. A round table has been organized by Indian embassies and consulates on advancing the facilitated Indo-US education partnership.

The Round Table Conference was chaired by Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. Principals and Chancellors of prestigious Indian and American universities were also present. Speaking on the occasion, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that India and the United States have strong ties in the field of education. There is immense potential for deepening this cooperation and building knowledge-based partnerships, especially involving industry, academics and policy makers in our countries. The Education Minister said that India’s National Education Policy 2020 has opened new avenues for India and the US to work together, mutually beneficial partnerships in research, two-way mobility of students and teachers, collaboration of US and Indian institutions. The US is India’s natural ally in building a new age knowledge partnership.

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The Minister of Education said that he was pleased to see great enthusiasm and optimism in US universities to take advantage of the opportunities in the Indian education landscape, to partner and to work together. There will be a one-point alliance with AICTE India to further discussions and facilitate academic collaboration. The Union Education Minister said that I thank all the academics who participated in the Round Table Conference and look forward to achieving the joint educational aspirations of our two great nations.

AICTE is also working on a portal which will have all the information about higher education institutions, curriculum details, eligibility and other requirements. It will also be for the benefit of foreign students, faculty or institutions. Individuals who wish to study, teach or collaborate in Indian institutions will be able to get information from them.


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