Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Dilip Kumar Untold Story: Veteran actor Dilip Kumar ruled the hearts of fans for many decades with his performance. The veteran actor has made a name for himself in the Hindi cinema world. Dilip Kumar was winning the hearts of the audience with his performance. Dilip Kumar had millions of fans. Today we bring you a case about Dilip Kumar that his fans will hardly know.

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar once had a quarrel with his father. After which he left home and reached Pune. Dilip Kumar sold the sandwiches to street vendors. Yes … Legendary actor Dilip Kumar saved Rs 5,000 by selling sandwiches at that time. Dilip Kumar saved the money and gave it to his father.

Dilip Kumar has left such a magic in the film world that his fans still love to watch his films. Dilip Kumar once got an offer for a Hollywood movie. Dilip Kumar got an offer from the Hollywood film Lawrence of Arabia. Legendary actor Dilip Kumar has categorically denied the Hollywood director.

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Omar Sharif got the offer of the film after Dilip Kumar refused. Let me tell you that this film was nominated for 10 Oscars in 1962. Out of which the film has received 7 Oscar awards. Dilip Kumar did not regret leaving the film at all. After this Dilip Kumar gave back to back hit Hindi films.

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