Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

If you’re a OnePlus or Oppo smartphone user, this is great news for you. OnePlus and Oppo have recently merged their business and now to take this merger further, OnePlus Service has announced through OnePlus Community that OnePlus China will be taking over the offline sales and service business overall from January 1, 2022. Will complete the business migration.

After this, OnePlus users will be able to take advantage of the after-sales service from about 1,000 OPPO official authorized service centers across the country. The company announced that OnePlus users will be able to use the after-sales service after the overall migration from the 16th to the 18th of each month. The company says that with this, customers will get easy and fast service.

Both companies will operate as parent companies under the Oga Group
Oppo and OnePlus are both subsidiaries of BBK Holdings. The company is clearly looking to increase the profitability of the OnePlus brand with this new merger. Both companies will operate as parent companies under the Oga Group, with Realme joining as the third mobile phone brand.

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Merging will take place at the production level of the operating system
At the sales level, Oppo Mall has been renamed Oga Mall, which includes products from three brands, Oppo, OnePlus and Realmy. Brands will be involved in the sale of their smartphones. Also, the operating system will be merged at the production level. OnePlus has dropped OxygenOS in favor of OPPO’s ColorOS.

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The R&D department will also be merged
In addition, according to preliminary information, the R&D division of OnePlus has also been merged with the R&D division of OPPO. However, it is still a separate department, from the perspective of the entire R&D framework, all its R&D projects will also be coordinated by a joint R&D team.

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