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Best places for trekking in India: Almost everyone loves to walk, but the only difference is that if one wants to go to a hill station, one wants to go to the beach. If one likes to go to such an adventurous place then many people like to go on a jungle safari. If you too want to enjoy adventure and trekking after the Corona transition has subsided you can think of these special places present in India. You can plan to visit these places for trekking in early winter. Let us know which are the places.

Hamta pass
Hamta Pass is located in Himachal Pradesh and is very popular among tourists for trekking. Starting from Hamta Pass of Kullu valley and ending in Spiti valley, this track can prove to be a very good option for trekkers.

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Got it
Goicha La is located in Sikkim. You can go to Goicha to see the peaks of the Himalayas. At Goicha Lama you will get a chance to see the culture and traditions of Sikkim up close. From here you can watch the sunrise over the Kangchenjunga hills and feel relaxed.

Roopkund Lake is located at an altitude of five thousand meters in Uttarakhand. You will need the help of a good guide to get on this track, as it passes through lush green plains and narrow forests. This in itself will make you experience magical trekking.

Chambra Peak
Chambra Peak located in Kerala will make you a diva of its beauty. Lush forests and tea gardens attract trekkers. Every year many tourists reach this track and enjoy trekking.

Nag Tibba
In winter, snow falls in many places in Uttarakhand. The name Nag Tibba also appears in those places. Instead of trees and plants, you will see snow-capped mountains in the distance. If you are planning a trek, this is one of the best places for an adventure trip.

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Kedarkantha is one of the most famous winter trekking lists in India. Kedarkantha in Uttarakhand is one of the highest Jyotirlingas in India, situated at an altitude of 3583 m above sea level. Kedarnath looks very beautiful in winter. People come from far and wide to see its beauty. Here you can enjoy trekking.

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