Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Accusations and accusations are flying from every direction when it comes to Aryan KhanNo case and Bureau of Narcotics ControlOf (NCB) investigation. One of the key witnesses in the case, Prabhakar Sail An affidavit alleging that was issued Kiran Gosavi Demanded a large sum from Aryan’s manager Pooja Dadlani On behalf of NCB. Recently, another witness confirmed the allegations of money laundering between Gosavi and Shah Rukh KhanOf the team but D’Souza claimed NCB And his officers had no information about him. Following D’Souza’s claim, ETimes Prabhakar approached Sail’s lawyer Tushar Khandare, To record the many contradictory statements in this case and their views on where Sail’s testimony currently stands.

Right from the bat, Khandar points to Sam D’Souza’s statement and says, “Sam D’Souza has never denied that any payment has been made. He admitted that a payment transaction had taken place and that he had paid Rs. 50 lakh was also mentioned and the people involved in the trap were also around NCB officials. He has become the third witness to say that a payment transaction has taken place and that it is not good for NCB.

In his statement, Prabhakar Sail alleged that an amount of Rs 25 crore was discussed between Gosavi and the SRK team. Khandar adds, “Kiran Gosavi also mentioned the transaction in his statement, although he did not explicitly mention where the money went. So really, it is clear that those who spoke during the payment transactions during the NCB trap were people who knew the NCB and were well acquainted with them. Sam D’Souza was also heard singing praises for him. The bottom line is that we were not wrong when we talked about money transactions. ” Khandar also points out, “NCB cannot deny it. This is a prima facie case against him. ”

Khandar assures that SAIL is ready to co-operate with the NCB and they have also recently recorded a statement against the NCB vigilance team. But Sail was waiting for the NCB operations team to issue him a summons. He says, “We applied to the NCB that we are available. And we also stated that we have not received any summons from the NCB operations team as claimed by some NCB officials. We urge them to please send us the appropriate summons and we will co-operate with them as part of their vigilance team. ”

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