Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Salman Khan’s fitness fixation is known, but the superstar says his example Dharmendra Inspired him to adopt his fitness method.

He revealed this in a picture based quiz show organized by Ranveer Singh. It connects through it ‘Antim: The Final Truth’ Co-stars Ayush Sharma And Mahima Makwana.

During the conversation with Ranveer, Salman admits that the mutilated bodies of the young actors made him work hard to maintain himself even at the age of 56. He then spoke openly about his motivations behind body-building: “I always follow religion. He has this innocence on his face. He is a handsome man with weaknesses and good physical strength.”

This Bollywood The superstar also talks about the hard work he put in in the early years of his career. “I did three shifts early in my career and I always prayed that my shoot location should be away so I could sleep in the car for half an hour,” he says. “When I got home after my day’s work, I was all asleep.”

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