Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Today, ETimes News brought to you Shah Rukh Khan Looking for a new bodyguard, while his faithful bodyguard Ravi Singh Will accompany Aryan Khan. News about SRK And the search for a dedicated security person for Gauri Aryan started a few days ago and since then there has been a lot of interest in this job from Mumbai-based security firms. A source in the film industry told ETimes specifically that dozens of security companies and private bodyguards had sent their applications to SRK’s Red Chillies office for the job.

The source said, “After the news came out that SRK was looking for a new bodyguard for Aryan, many big security companies in Mumbai jumped at the chance. Individuals with years of experience handling the security of celebrities and nightclubs have also sent their biodata to the Red Chillies office. ”

While the source did not confirm whether a new bodyguard would be recruited for Aryan or SRK, they disclosed that no application has been responded to yet. We told you earlier that SRK wants a reliable bodyguard for Aryan whom he can count on. Bodyguard Ravi Singh has been with Khan for a long time and is also considered a part of his family. The source said, “Khan now wants the same person. Someone who can be dedicated to the job and who can give them 24 x 7 security.

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