Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Sonu Sood has come to the rescue of another Mumbai resident, who cannot afford an oxygen concentrator. Actor Anklet ornaments, Who is working for the welfare of cine artists, approached Sonu Sood, who immediately organized and delivered the concentrator to the person’s home.

Needless to say, members of Nupur’s society were overwhelmed by the actor’s quick action. Speaking to ETimes, Nupur says, “It is a blessing to meet such divine souls in such a difficult time. As in the case of Savita Bajaji, Ajay Ghosh’s brother (secretary of my society’s committee) was unable to get discharge from the hospital as he could not give oxygen after paying the hospital’s fat bill. And since Savita Bajajis The case, helped by the Sood Charity Foundation, I took the opportunity to approach Govind Agarwal again for the same favor. And to my surprise, the concentrator was sent immediately. One more creature survived in time.

Nupur Sonu Sood seems to be personally bound to thank all the members of the team who came into action. She adds, “I believe these are gods hidden in the form of spirits. Sood Charity Foundation’s team is mind blowing, be it their paperwork, delivery or response, they work like magic. Govind Agarwal, Manav Jain, Vishal G., Dhirendra, It’s not about one person, it’s about the whole team. My thanks are not enough. ”

In recent times, Sonu Sood has helped actresses like Parveen Banu. Silk aurora, Alok Shukla And much more.

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