Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Sushmita Sen meets one month old niece: Sushmita Sen, who recently became an aunt, came to visit her niece Gianna, whose picture is now going viral on social media. Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajiv Sen has shared a picture on his Instagram story in which Sushmita is seen having fun with her niece Xiana. Xiana, who is one month old, is sleeping on the bed, while Rajiv and Charu Asopa are standing nearby. And aunty Sushmita is talking to the little doll. Sharing this picture, Rajiv wrote- Special moment.

Sushmita Sen met her one month old niece, only love was shown in the beautiful picture

Sushmita Sen’s birthday falls on 19th November and Sushmita was very excited about Gianna who was born just a few days before her birthday. Sushmita was also in the hospital with Charu Asopa at the time of delivery. And as soon as she became an aunt, she shared this good news from her social media account. He wrote- ‘Arrival of Lakshmi before Diwali.’

Arya 2 splashed hard again
By the way, these days Sushmita Sen’s stars are making a fuss. Sushmita Sen, who almost disappeared from the screen, returned from the Arya Web series last year. Seeing Sushmita on screen after 10 years was a wonderful experience and this experience became even more special when she came back with such a terrific story. The story of Arya Season 1 was terrific and ended with suspense. Now it has come up with Arya 2, in which the tremendous climax has goosebumped the fans. Everyone is liking this web series of Hotstar and Sushmita’s acting is also being appreciated all around.

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