Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

IMDb has released a list of its most popular Indian films and webseries of the year 2021. ‘Jai Bhim’ and ‘Sher Shah’ topped the list of most popular films, while ‘Akankshiyo’ and ‘Dhindora’ topped the list of most popular series of the year. The list is based on page views on IMDb. This requires a movie or show to be released between January 1 and November 29, and an average IMDb user rating of 6.5 or higher. We let you know that many of the names on this list were made public on Amazon Prime Video, as Amazon owns IMDb.

Top 10 Indian Movies of IMDb 2021:

1. Jai Bhim
2. Sher Shah
3. Suryavanshi
4. Master
5. Sardar Udham
6. mm
7. Karnan
8. Intensity
9. Visual 2
10. Hussein Dilruba

Top 10 Indian Web Series of IMDb 2021:

1. Candidates
2. Dhindora
3. Family man
4. The Last Hour
5. Sunflower
6. Candy
7. Ray
8. Eclipse
9. November story
10. Mumbai Diaries 26/11

South star Surya Starrer, ‘Jai Bhim’ has become one of the most popular films of the year since debuting on Amazon Prime Video on November 2. Apart from this, ‘Sher Shah’ starring Siddharth Malhotra, a war film based on the life of Captain Vikram Batra, the hero of Kargil war, is Amazon Prime video offering. ‘Shiddhat’ is the only outlier on the list of debuts on Disney Plus Hotstar. Aspirants are at the top of the list of shows released on major platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Z5. ‘Aspirants’ is a TVF original that has been released on the platform’s in-house app and its YouTube channel. Similarly, ‘Dhindora’, which is at the second position in this list, also made its debut on YouTube.

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