Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Marathi Actress Kranti Redkar, Who is the wife of the NCB zone chief Samir Wankhede, Went to her Twitter handle to share evidence after her lunch Maha Minister Nawab Malik Accused Wankhede Embezzlement of crores and use of expensive garments beyond the reach of an honest and conscientious officer.

Taking on his Twitter handle, Revolution As evidence, he shared pictures of the empty bowl and some leftover rice after the meal and wrote, “We had dal makhni and cumin rice for lunch, cumin rice was home-made, dal makhni was ordered from outside, costing Rs 190.”

Kranti added, “Informing the media with information, if someone alleges tomorrow morning that we ate food that the family of a government official should not have.”

According to reports, Malik Wankhede alleged that the shoes cost Rs 2 lakh, the shirt cost Rs 50,000 and his watch cost more than Rs 20 lakh.

He further added, “How can an honest and conscientious officer afford such expensive clothes?” He claimed that Wankhede had embezzled crores by trapping the wrong people.

Speaking to the news portal, Wankhede said that as far as my expensive clothes are concerned, it is just a rumor. He further said that Malik has little knowledge and he should find out these matters.

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