Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

You know how important it is to keep our smartphones safe! And when you hold the iPhone in your hand, your heart starts pounding at the thought of falling or scratching on the floor. But have you ever imagined what would happen if hot lava was poured on an iPhone? Now your every question has to be answered. That’s because a video from WowExperiments has surfaced on YouTube, showing a man pouring hot lava on a new iPhone 12. See in the video what happened to the iPhone after pouring boiling lava …

Will the screen explode when you pour lava?
The video begins with a man pulling an iPhone 12 out of his box and simultaneously heating the lava. When the lava boils, it picks it up by the holder and pours it on the screen of the iPhone 12 placed on the table. For some time the lava expands on the screen to form hot lava foam, then slowly it freezes on the screen. After that, a black spot appears on the screen of the iPhone. Within this time, the person tries to scratch the lava off the screen but fails to do so and pours hot lava on it again. What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ” Well, even after so much heat due to lava, the screen of iPhone does not crack.

Off! The truth is something else
But wait! That’s not entirely true! When we watched the video closely, we learned that the smartphone used to pour hot lava was actually a clone and not the original iPhone 12. Look carefully and you will see that the smartphone that it brings out of the box is quite different from the smartphone used for the experiment. You could easily refer to the “victim phone” as a cheap iPhone knock-off running Android.

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However, we did check out some other videos on YouTube with the same experiments as the Lava on the iPhone. Video experiments on YouTube channels such as DistractifyYT, Power Vision PRT and Supercoat have shown that the iPhone heats up when lava flows over it, resulting in an explosion.

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Stunned viewers
Of course, the same can be expected when pouring hot lava on any smartphone. But, the previous video with the clone of iPhone definitely stunned the audience with unexpected result. You may be wondering which was the smartphone that did not explode even after facing such a high temperature. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find that phone’s name or list anywhere. Whatever it is, never use it! You don’t want a smartphone in your backyard, or your apartment catching fire and their batteries exploding.

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