Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Apple’s new technology: Apple is preparing to bring new technology to market once again. Users will benefit a lot when the company’s project comes to market. In fact, there is talk that Apple is working on a charger that can charge multiple devices such as the iPhone, AirPods and Apple Smart Watch with one charger.

Many times better than the current charger

In a new edition of the newsletter ‘Power On’, Mark Gurman has revealed that the company is working on a wireless charger for the future, which will be different in many ways. According to him, Apple is preparing to bring in a system with short and long range wireless chargers, which will allow all of Apple’s larger devices to charge each other. He says the new charger concept that is in progress is many times better than the current induction charging. A report on this has also been published in MacRumors.

So will one device charge another?

“Imagine an iPad charging an iPhone and an iPhone charging an AirPods or an Apple Watch,” Mark Gurman said in the report. Apple’s new technology can make all of these things come true.

Which charger is it now?

Currently, the company sells the MagSafe Duo wireless charger, which charges both the iPhone and Apple Watch / AirPods at the same time. Let me tell you that Apple first announced the AirPower Charger with iPhone 8 and iPhone X in September 2017. Apple later said that the charging product would be launched in 2018, but the company later canceled the project in March 2019.

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