Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Xiaomi is constantly bringing new and innovative products. Xiaomi has now introduced new battery technology. Xiaomi claims that the new technology will increase the battery backup in its smartphones by about 100 minutes. Xiaomi has unveiled its new battery technology on China’s social media platform Weibo. Xiaomi has posted that its research and development team (R&D team) is working on this technology and it could be used in smartphones early next year.

The content of silicone inside the battery will increase 3 times
Xiaomi claims that this new technology will help smartphone manufacturers increase the silicon content inside the battery by almost 3 times. Also, efficient capacity will ensure storage. This new technology from Xiaomi will increase the mAh by 10% without increasing the size of the pack. This will give the 10 percent extra mAh smartphone an extra 100 minutes of runtime.

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New technology will also prevent overcharging
Xiaomi said in the post that it has made further improvements in packaging technology. The company has built the Protection Circuit Module (PCM) at 90 degrees instead of keeping it in a flat position, this will help save more space. The company also said that the new technology is equipped with a fuel gauge chip. This new technology will also prevent overcharging. Also, it will reduce the harmful effects. The battery pack will also have some additional sensors, which will help control its temperature.

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